strong ties to capital sources and investor networks, in-depth deal structuring skills and experience in managing transactions from origination to successful completion makes us one of the best in the business.

Our creative and research-driven approach enables our professionals to offer the best value added advice and solutions in today's rapidly changing market place.

Our team will assess your specific situation and tailor solutions that work solely for you.

 team of experienced corporate finance professionals offers the full range of services
  Working Capital  
  Term Loans  
  Foreign Currency Loans  
  Corporate Loans  
  Bills Discounting (Clean & L/C Backed)  
  Debt Placements  
  Inter - Corporate Deposits  
  Acquisition Financing  
  Financial & Business Restructuring, Turnarounds and Special Situations Funding  
  Structured Finance / Securitisation  
  Strategic Advisory Services  
  Financial Engineering  
  Working Capital:

specializes in arranging finance for your Working Capital needs by setting up facilities with various Banks and Institutions. This includes Fund Based limits like Cash Credits against your stocks and book debts and also Non-Fund Based limits like L/c’s and Bank Guarantees at very attractive rates of interest and most competitive terms.

The scope of arranging such limits extends from preparation of the CMA till the final sanction of limits.

These limits can be arranged in the form of a Consortium arrangement and / or Multiple Banking arrangement..
  Term Loans:


Capital purchases require large outlays – and involve long gestation periods. works with you to raise term loans for acquisition of Fixed Assets like Land, Building, Planet, Machinery, Furniture and Fixtures.

For your expansion plans, we assist you in raising finances for the same as per your requirements and also structure the same very flexibly to suit your cash flows and gestation periods.  .
  Foreign Currency Loans:

Replace your existing high cost Rupee Debt, or raise additional funding at very competitive LIBOR based rates in the form of External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) and FCNR (B) Loans arranged by with varying maturity periods with suitable and flexible structuring options for moratorium periods and repayment of the same.

Further, the loans can be structured at Fixed or Floating rates of interest to suit your requirements.
  Corporate Loans:

web of intertwining relationships enables us to source funds from Banks, Financial Institutions and Corporate Treasuries who have surplus. Secured / Unsecured loans are arranged from periods ranging from 30 days to 5 years for various requirements.

These could be used for retiring existing loans, interest arbitrage on current loans, meeting additional working capital requirements or whatever current needs your company may have.

relationships and knowledge of the market enables us to raise loans at short notice and allow you the required flexibility in deployment.
  Bills Discounting (Clean & L/C Backed):


Financing of credit sales to reputed Companies against their acceptances on Bills of Exchange (Hundis) is      arranged by CONSORT CAPITAL at very competitive interest rates. This ensures better receivables management for the Supplier, and more reliable and timely supplies and hence stronger relationships with the suppliers, for the Purchaser.

This facility can be set-up both for the Drawer as well as the Drawee. Hundis covered under Local L/c with periods ranging from 30 - 180 days are discounted through CONSORT CAPITAL at very attractive rates of interest which are far lower than the PLR of even the nationalized Banks.

  Debt Placements:

specializes in private placements of Debentures and Bonds (Secured and Unsecured) with Banks, Financial Institutions and Mutual Funds.

Debt Instruments of private and public companies, both with and without Credit Rating from CRISIL, ICRA, CARE, FITCH, ONICRA are placed by us at the best possible terms.

Step in at CONSORT CAPITAL and set-up a Factoring line of credit for your receivables from Blue Chip Companies at extremely competitive bank rates of interest. You will be benefited by receiving 80 - 90 % of your invoice value on the same day of raising your invoices, and the balance at maturity on payment of the invoices by your customer. The immediate proceeds can be utilized to avail of very attractive cash discounts from your suppliers thereby enhancing your profitability.

Further, as Bills of Exchange (Hundis) are not required, customers who do not accept hundis can be factored.

Export Bills on D/A basis are also factored through our tie-ups. The proceeds released to you are entirely without recourse to you, in event of a default by the overseas Buyer, thereby making it a preferred product to post shipment finance provided by the Banks as the rates of interest are the same.
  Inter - Corporate Deposits:


To meet your short term funding requirements or for purpose of interest arbitrage with your existing borrowings, Inter Corporate Deposits are mobilized by CONSORT CAPITAL.

CONSORT CAPITAL provides its services to both companies having surpluses and companies requiring funds. The period of deposit generally varies from 30 to 180 days.

  Acquisition Financing:


For purpose of buying / acquiring stakes in other business CONSORT CAPITAL  assists and partners with corporates to raise capital through structured financial products including mezzanine debt financing and placing convertible instruments with investors for acquisitions in India and overseas.

CONSORT CAPITAL has a wide network of relationships with investors globally apart from strong relationships with lending banks for acquisition financing and brings to these transactions innovative structuring to assist in quick closure of deals at competitive terms.
  Financial & Business Restructuring, Turnarounds and Special Situations Funding:


The distressed debt market in India is presenting ARCs, banks and funds with new opportunities and challenges. Corporates with financial turnaround objectives are exploring ways to structure their capital and resolve debt overhang with innovative structures to improve valuations for stakeholders.

CONSORT CAPITAL assists these corporates in working out a comprehensive restructuring and revival plan which includes working out strategies to unlock value out of assets or business and/or financial restructuring of liabilities.

We leverage on the wide network of investors which CONSORT CAPITAL has access to and assist corporates to raise funds for implementing turnaround strategies and financial restructuring of liabilities.

Special situations include leveraged buyouts of companies in distress, syndicating equity or convertibles instruments in high yield situations and other opportunities. We also work with banks and investors in India and abroad who are looking at aggressively selling as well as buying NPA portfolios.

  Structured Finance / Securitisation:

CONSORT CAPITALspecializes in arranging structured finance for companies in the form of:
  • Asset Backed Securitisation.
  • Escrowing of Future Sales Receivables.
  • Securitisation of Lease Rentals of Premises.
This allows clients to pre-pone receipt of future revenue streams, boosting cash flow and providing a lump sum payment at once. It improves their credit rating by a couple of grades – due to the mechanics of Securitization process. Further, their interest costs are lowered considerably.
  Strategic Advisory Services:


Companies in high growth markets often need to understand their market space and answer critical business/industry related questions which impact their own growth prospects. Given our focused industry expertise and extensive research in these industries on a global level, executives and business owners often approach us to address a number of key strategic questions relating to their business.

While we leverage our research to help companies answer such questions, we typically follow such advisory assignments with investment banking engagements, which lead to implementation of the strategy.

The areas we focus on for strategic advisory assignments include:

  • Entry Strategy into new geographies/services.
  • Exit Strategy from certain businesses/Corporate Restructuring.
  • Offshoring Strategies for end customers/Onshore vendors.
  • Helping companies form Strategic Business Alliances.
  • Assess capital structure alternatives that create flexibility for executing on growth opportunities.
  • Independent valuation advisory services.
  Financial Engineering:


Financial engineering refers to the application of various techniques in structuring the financial statements.

It is also the use of financial instruments  such as derivatives, forwards, futures, swaps, options and related products to restructure or rearrange cash flows in order to achieve particular financial goals & mitigate financial risk.

It involves the application of the CONSORT CAPITAL team into various mathematical, statistical and computational techniques to solve the financial issues.
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